What my clients have said
"For most of my life I have never really liked myself.  I have never had any confidence, always envying people who could talk to anyone, speak their minds.  I always hid in the shadows if possible.

I muddled through life until 22 years ago when I was diagnosed with depression and put on to tablets.  I was not offered counselling, which I now regret not asking for, and after just over a year I came off the tablets and got on with life, bringing up my two daughters and looking after the family business.

Life had its usual ups and downs until about 6 years ago, when I started to get very moody for long periods of time, the worst I recall lasted a week, I felt as if I was falling down a black hole and couldn’t get out.  I felt miserable all the time, even banging my head against walls and I would lie in bed convinced that my husband didn’t want to be near me and thinking I was useless, had never achieved anything in my life and was a burden.  The only thing that stopped me taking my own life was knowing how hard it would be for my husband and daughters if I did.

After more than a year of feeling down and the self-harming becoming much worse, I knew I had to do something and I went to see my doctor, who referred me for CBT.  This lasted for several months and I started to feel a little better.  When the course was finished the Therapist suggested I had counselling for some serious issues I seemed to have about my Mum.

With feeling a little better I decided I could sort out these issues myself, but a few months later I realised I was getting worse again and decided I had to find some counselling, that was when I contacted a Christian Counselling Charity.  I had an interview and was relieved when the manager told me that I really did need counselling and several weeks later I began to see Jessie, I am so glad I did.

I was so nervous at the first session, but Jessie was very caring, told me that these sessions were time just for me, in a safe place with no one else listening and nothing I said in that room would go out of that room, fortunately, she also had a box of tissues to hand and often, especially in the early days, I used quite a few.

I was saw Jessie for a year and during that time she listened, suggested, asked questions and guided me through my problems until I found what the main issues were.  This was something I could never have done by myself, I was always too busy judging myself, feeling guilty because I didn’t feel how I thought I should feel, until Jessie said it was ok to feel how I did, there was no wrong or right way to feel.

It was very hard work, at home as well as in the sessions, remembering, when I was about to fall into my black hole, to stop and think about why I was feeling like I did and what I could do to help stop myself.  I remember one thing in particular, we found I had a little me inside who had been stopped from playing like little children do and she used to get angry and have tantrums.  Then Jessie suggested the next time little me had a tantrum I should ask her why…… I thought how on earth can I ask myself why I’m getting upset, but the next time I felt myself getting worked up to a tantrum I stopped and asked little me why…….and to my amazement, she answered and told me what was wrong.  It really worked.  Jessie helped me understand it was like adult me was taking control and calming down little me and now I find myself doing it quite often.  She guided me through our journey together, helping me work out why I felt the way I did and to learn that it’s “ok” to feel bad sometimes, it’s “ok” not to conform to what other people expect of me, it’s “ok” to be me and do what I want, when I want.

I know the depression will never go away completely, it will always be lurking in the background, but I have learnt to not let it take control anymore.  I have days when I feel bad, but since my counselling with Jessie I can honestly say, in two and a half years, I have only once thought of taking my own life, but with all I learnt from her, I worked my way out of that feeling within a few hours.

Counselling is something you have to want to do for yourself, not for anyone else.  It is hard work, but I know I wouldn’t have the happy life I have today if I hadn’t taken that step.  With Jessie’s help I can now see that I have achieved a lot in my life, I am not the useless person I always thought I was, who wasted their life hiding away.  I am not afraid to take on new ventures, even at 61.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, at first I couldn’t see it, but with guidance from Jessie I got there and continue to progress with her past help ever present to this day.  Thank you so much Jessie"  


"Finding the correct therapy to your ailments is strongly linked to the discovery of therapist who perfectly understands which kind of approach and support you need as a client.  If you are fortunate enough – at some point – you may also find a therapist which is perfect for that job: competent, passionate and enthusiastic.

Somebody may think that this is a not a difficult task, that proper organization and availability of financial resources could solve any problem. It might be true but for me the solution was not so simple, not so easy. For almost a year, I was looking for the correct therapy. I have contacted different psychologists, each one having an additional specialisation and qualification. I was initially prescribed medication for Parkinson's induced psychosis. I was determined to avoid the use of drugs even if they could be taken only under medical prescription. When considering the benefits against the possible side effects of some pharmaceuticals, I could not ignore that, while possibly treating, they surely have a massive impact over my health. This is the reason why I could not accept medicines, which the manufacturers themselves consider toxic, addictive and with a pile of side effects. I had and still have the belief that I needed a treatment based on humanistic approach which can modify and boost my confidence and my self-esteem, that can give me hope, and help me to further understand and integrate my symptoms, rather than treatments which are designed to modify the chemistry of my body and of my brain.

When I was at the point of giving up, I came across Jessica. It took me only ten minutes to understand that she was the right person and psychotherapist with whom I could start working in order to benefit my condition. I was not mistaken, under her counselling and care I became involved in my recovery, we got each other’s complicity in order to rapidly and steadily recuperate my health condition. At every session, I keep on learning how to help myself become aware about what my mind and my body need in a holistic way and for a lasting wellbeing. I am now strongly committed to build – day after day – a very positive attitude. That is the change which I was looking for and, amazingly, the outcome exceeds my highest expectations
Thank you Jessie

"Ho iniziato il lavoro con Jessie a febbraio 2016, dopo la diagnosi di un tumore borderline all'ovaio destro e la conseguente rimozione dello stesso.
Il lavoro con lei mi ha aiutato a tenere aperto il dialogo con me stessa e con chi mi sta in torno, combatto sempre con la mia tendenza a chiudermi in me stessa nei momenti di grande dolore, diventando così inaccessibile, dura e soffrendo molto di più.
Nel corso delle sedute mi ha aiutato a interiorizzare frasi positive, trasformando la malattia in una presa di consapevolezza che la mia vulnerabilità non è qualcosa di vergognoso contro cui combattere, ma è la mia bellezza, la mia unicità; è quello che mi rende profondamente umana.
Di Jessie ho apprezzato fin dal primo momento la grande professionalità (spedizione del contratto di counseling, dichiarazione del prezzo da pagare a seduta ecc, sempre puntualissima su Skype). 
E' una terapista dotata di grande capacità empatica, è solare, accogliente, gioiosa. Non mi sono mai sentita giudicata, anzi, la sua apertura mentale mi ha messo molto a mio agio anche quando mi sono trovata a condividere delle situazioni di cui non andavo particolarmente fiera.
Adesso a distanza di otto mesi inizio a vedere i frutti del nostro intenso lavoro insieme. 
Vi consiglio di tutto cuore di iniziare un percorso con lei, scoprirete cose meravigliose su voi stessi"  

"I met Jessie over a year ago and I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I was struggling with a combination of anxiety, obsessive compulsive thoughts, lack of confidence and confusion in myself. Jessie gave me the permission to express these emotions naturally in the sessions and she made me realise I was OK and fully human. Jessie provided a tailored insight in how to address these overwhelming feelings and I built myself back up using the techniques she put forward. I also came off anti depressants in that year too, from being on them for 11 years and she supported me throughout the process and will no doubt, continue too. In the year that I have known Jessie, she has been empathetic, reassuring and so kind, warm and respectful towards my needs. She truly is very talented at what she does and has changed my life in such a short space of time. I am thankful every day for her support, it is invaluable"  

"Prior to commencing therapy with Jessie, I was depressed.  I'd been taking anti-depresssants for over 3 years and I was working in an unfulfiling job.   Winthin less then 6 months, with the non-judgemental, therapeutic support from my highly skilled therapist Jessie, I have been empowered to come off my anti-depressants and I've started a new job, within a company that values me and my skills.  I felt that Jessie implicitly understood me and believed in my inner potential from the begining.  This has immensely helped me to feel more confident as a person and assertive in myself.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the new me is emerging " 

"When I first replied to an ad in a church newsletter I thought I was prepared to undertake counselling. I was in need of help and I was ready to reflect, talk about myself, ready to face stereotypic “how does that make you feel” questions and ready to cringe and to walk away in a couple of weeks thinking “I tried but that was pointless”. I thought I knew how it would go. However, I was prepared to be challenged and to be surprised. Thankfully!
My first surprise was that I met Jessie. Not just a therapist but a self-confessed person. A person who I could relate to, whose responses reflected attention and care and who I quickly warmed to and trusted. As for challenges, they came thick and fast, in terms of homework (things to ponder on) and life. Surprisingly, I chose to stay for more than a few weeks and I hugely value the time spent with Jessie. Time during which I felt valued, supported and appreciated. Jessie championed me through all our difficult phases with, I think, equal parts skill and care.
In the same way climbing Everest could be seen as a journey so could my counselling experience but I am incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had Jessie as a coach and companion on that journey. She has kept me safe, grounded and hopeful. Jessie has a gift for being in the moment with someone and seeing who they are. I genuinely cannot advocate for Jessie enough

"It's been a life changing experience! Where I was 6 weeks ago to where I am now.  During the first session, I felt that I was on the bottom rung of the ladder, only 6 weeks later I already feel like I've climbed  half way up the ladder.  I didn't realise the potential that I've got inside of myself until I started to open the box of my life with Jessie, in the sessions.  I'm discovering my box of life, with my thoughts and feelings, Jessie helps me to bring these things out.  I feel that finally somebody from the outside has come inside, shown me my potential and this has been tremendously beneficial to me."  

"I feel Jessie is very warm, welcoming and she makes talking about my thoughts and feelings a lot easier. I feel like I won't be judged.  Right from the start, when I spoke with Jessie, over the phone, I felt that there was hope.  I felt like a broken kite, with no destination but now I feel that I will one day find my destination through this counselling service"  

"Before I came to see Jessie, I couldn't even go to the shops on my own, due to the panic, fear and anxiety that I was feeling.  After my second counselling session I managed to go to the shops by myself, which was a huge achievement for me and after my fourth session I've managed to go to the park by myself.  So many people have remarked on how much I've achieved in such a short space of time.  Jessie has helped me a lot." 
" Jessie is so warm and friendly.  She provides a fantastic counselling service and I've seen a huge positive change in my daughter, in such a short space of time.  I'd highly recommend Jessie"